Felicity’s Dancing Shoes is part of the Short Stories collections, focusing on Felicity Merriman.


Only in Felicity's Dancing Shoes

Story Summary

Meet The Author

Valerie talks about how she was taller than the boys in her dancing class and usually danced with the teacher. "But at least he was the best dancer in the class!"

Looking Back: Education in 1774

Discusses a girl's education during colonial times. Topics include:

  • What girls were taught from their mothers.
  • The things teachers taught their students, from stitchery to playing musical instruments.
  • How important dancing was in the southern colonies.
  • When a girl began dancing, and how many lessons she would have per week.
  • The importance, and strictness, of dance masters in the south.
  • What a girl would do during a ball and what a ball began with.
  • The minuet, the most importance dance of all, and how it was performed.
  • Circle dances that were performed and how long they would last.
  • The northern colonies' view on dancing.

Activity: Try Colonial Square Dancing

There are steps on how to dance the minuet, a dance common in Felicity's time, and how to do some country line dancing.

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