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Feel-Better Kit.

The Feel-Better Kit is an American Girl of Today accessory released in 2005. Retail cost was $30 and later increased to $32.


Two metal crutches.

Arm Cast[]

Fleeced-lined green arm cast.

Leg Cast[]

Periwinkle leg cast. Cast has molded cast bandage patterns on outside and white fleece inside.

Wrap Bandage[]

Beige wrap bandage.

Finger Splint[]

Ice Pack[]

Penguin-shaped ice pack. Black penguin with teal stomach. "Ice Pack" in curly font with white American Girl logo. Ice pack is flexible plastic.


Bandage Stickers[]

Pink and red bandage reusable stickers. This sheet also has get well messages in different colors and fonts. This sheet of stickers has transparent edges so messages look as if they are written directly on the cast.

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