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The Fancy Flowers Outfit as seen on Just Like You 3.

The Fancy Flowers Outfit is an American Girl of Today outfit released in 2003 and retired in 2005. Retail cost was $24.


Light blue shirt in linen-like material, with sleeves in a lighter, almost sheer material. The shirt has a Velcro closure on the back, a ruffle and sequins down the front centre, and a thin blue ribbon sewn along the neckline and down each side of the front.


Light blue floral skirt, made in two layers. Top layer is a lightweight floral material in blue, with blue and purple flowers, and has one ruffle along the bottom hem. The bottom layer (not visible when worn) is made of the same material as the shirt, with two floral ruffles sewn to it. There is a short Velcro closure on the back.


Shiny light blue closed-toe sandals. Silver buckle on ankle strap. Black rubber soles.

Hair Clips

Four beige alligator-style hair clips.


Choker necklace of tiny blue and white beads.


Doll-sized bracelet made from same beads as the necklace.

Dress Like Your Doll

The children's outfit was available:

  • Top: $32
  • Skirt: $38
  • Purse: $16
  • Accessories: $14






  • This set coordinated with the Egg Hunt Accessories. The accessory set has a doll purse that matches this outfit.