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The Cocker Spaniel Pet-House Set.

The Fancy Cocker Spaniel Pet-House Set is a Truly Me pet released in 2015 and later retired. It was primarily available through warehouse stores such as Costco and retailed for $29.99.

Cocker Spaniel[]

Golden brown cocker spaniel dog with thicker fur on long ears. American Girl star in maroon thread on left back paw. Jointed at head and all four legs.

Rose Toy[]

Contains internal metal plate to allow holding near mouth.


Two 1 1/2" diameter dark pink circular food bowls. 1/2" depth.

Place Mat[]

Card stock place mat. Black and white to encourage coloring in.

Pet House[]

Cardboard pet house. Black and white to encourage coloring in. Instructions printed on roof for assembly.


Floor Mat[]

Pink patterned floor mat. Mat has reflecting magenta tiara style designs arranged to look like diamonds. Accents.


Sticker sheet. Decorative stickers: four large round gems (dark and light pink), four heart shaped gems (pink and light pink), fourteen middle round stones (seven pale pink and seven dark pink), sixteen small round stones (seven pale pink and seven dark pink), and five pink roses (one large, one medium, and two small). Sixty letter stickers in uppercase swirly letters.


48 page Friends Forever: Pamper your Playful Cocker Spaniel. Includes tips for play, information about cocker spaniels, activity pages, crafts, punch out cocker spaniel stencil, certificates, passport, ribbon and posters.

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