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Family Album Quilt

The Family Album Quilt (also known as Addy's Family Album Quilt) was introduced to Addy's Collection in 1993. Retail cost was $18 and later increased to $20.

It was combined with the Rope Bed in 2011 to form Addy's Bed and Bedding.


Red and muslin "appliqued" quilt. Red print bordered squares. Square designs from left to right and top to bottom:

  • Man and tiger in front of tree
  • Eight-petaled flower
  • Bird and flower
  • House between two trees with bird above
  • Man with two women and birds
  • Two animals under fruit tree with two birds
  • Bird and three flowers
  • Flowers in vase
  • Hand surrounded by hearts and flowers

Stitched to simulate quilting. Red and green scalloped and embroidered border around sides and bottom. Black gingham backing.


  • The images on the quilt were based on an extant quilt, "Family Album Quilt", created circa 1854 by Sarah Ann Wilson.