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Eyelash retraction.

Eyelash Retraction is when a doll's eyelash recedes into the chamber of the hollow sleeping eye, thus shortening the appearance of the lashes or having them disappear altogether.

This happens when the adhesive of the lash detaches or loosens and eyelashes cannot keep their position properly. This allows the eyelash to recede into the eye (making it appear shorter) or retract into the eye completely. This can affect the counterweight of the eye so the sleep eyes will not function properly. Eyelash retraction can happen to any doll, but usually older dolls have a greater risk. This generally starts to appear in only one eye, though it can happen bilaterally. Pressure on the eyelashes from standard use should not cause retraction.

American Girl considers eyelash retraction a manufacturing defect and will fix it at no cost, through the American Girl Hospital, much like silver eye. However, new eyes with hard, black lashes will be used.

If a person has a PM Doll, they may try an eye swap with a matching PM Doll to maintain the softer or paler lashes. Eyelash retraction can also be repaired by pulling the lash out with tweezers and applying a thin layer of glue, or removing the eyes as one would do for an eye swap and gluing from behind.