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Evette Peeters is one of the first three members of the World by Us line. She was released in 2021.

Personality and Facts

Evette--nicknamed Evie--is a thirteen-year-old biracial girl who is interested in environmentalism and caring for the environment.

Evette is part of a multiracial family; her father, Jason, is White, and her mother, Nia, is Black. Evette passes as white more than her younger brother Bud, with lighter coloring than he has. She dislikes being asked offensive racial questions such as if she's Black or White and prefers to identify as just herself. She loves both sides of her family greatly; finding out that there is a rift between her grandmothers due to past racism, she seeks to fix it so they can be one family. This is inspired by a Kwanzaa gift from her maternal grandmother Evon (whom she calls Gran E), an umoji locket that comes with a card explaining the prinipal as seeking unity in one's family, community, nation and race. She also owns a heart-shaped necklace from her paternal grandmother Kathryn--symbolic of the fact that no matter how far apart they are, Evette can remember that she is in her heart.

Evette is focused on caring for the Earth's enviroment and is creative, honest, and passionate about this. She has a lot of knowledge of flora and insect life; though she is not a huge fan of bugs like her younger brother, but she does like monarch butterflies because of their strength and endurance. She enjoys gardening in her Gran E's backyard, despite the many bugs. Part of her enviromentalism is reflected in a preference for vintage clothing and upcycling; she likes to take something that doesn't fit right, that she doesn't like, or she doesn't wear anymore and turn it into a new outfit that she likes more, a skill of hers. (e.g She dislikes pantsuits, so turns her mother's old one into pajamas.) She has an eye for fashion in general, and loves going to thrift shops to find older clothes, and gets several old clothes from her Gran E or mother as well which she crafts or upcycles into new outfits.

Evette is often shy and doesn't speak up, but once she is comfortable with someone she is very honest and always says what's on her mind. She does have trouble communicating with her best friend Ashlyn after the summer apart due to quarantine and seeing the changes Ashlyn has made and the judgement from her new friends. She comes around to accepting these changes and learns not to judge Ashlyn's new friends based on their appearance and vice versa.

During the coronavirus pandemic, she and Bud spend a lot of time with Gran E; they bake bread, play board games, craft and garden together and she and her brother teach Gran E how to make slime. Kathryn also teachers her calligraphy.

Evette meets Maritza at the community center first, followed by Makena, and quickly becomes friends with them; she followed Makena on Instagram before meeting her in person and is a fan (due to Makena's outfit posting) and is very excited when Makena compliments her upcycled shoes. The three girls come up with the idea to make a community group, which Evette names World By Us and all three post on the shared social media page.

Her Instagram handle is earthyevette.

Family and Friends


  • Jason Peeters: Evette's father.
  • Nia Peeters: Evette's mother.
  • Bud Peeters: Evette's brother.
  • Evon: Evette's maternal grandmother.
  • Paul: Evette's deceased paternal grandfather.
  • Kathryn Peeters: Evette's paternal grandmother.

Friends and Other Characters

  • Makena Williams and Maritza Ochoa: Evette's friends from the Community Center.
  • Ashlyn: Evette's best friend.
  • Gia and Ziggy: Ashlyn's new friends.



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  • Illustrations on Olivia Duchess's site show that Evette's initial design had the character slightly darker in coloration, with brown hair and brown eyes. See here: Website


  1. School starts on a Tuesday; the date is unstated but this is likely the Tuesday after Labor Day which sets the start of the stories in early September.
  2. The same day as the community center festival.