Esther Walker is the younger sister of Addy Walker.


  • Name: Esther Walker
  • First Appearance: Meet Addy



Esther is a young child of only about one year old at the start of the series; thus she has very little personality. She was given Addy's doll Janie when Addy and Momma ran away to the north. When she returns to her family, she is around two years old. At first she does not know or remember her family, but she quickly warms up to them. She idolizes Addy and wants to be like her, quite often getting in Addy's way without meaning to.

In The Books

Meet Addy: An American Girl

Esther is a young child of about one and so she does not work in the field. It is unsaid who watches her while the rest of the family is at labor, but given that Momma is a seamstress and thus does not do field work, it is possible that Momma watches her. The plan was that she was going to be carried by Sam and Poppa to freedom, but when they are sold Addy and Momma must leave her behind because she can't be carried safely by the two of them and keep quiet. They leave Esther to be cared for by Uncle Solomon and Auntie Lula. Momma and Addy are upset at leaving her behind, but Momma believes she'll be safe because Master Stevens can't make any money selling her as she's a baby. Addy leaves her doll Janie behind with Esther to remember her by.

Changes for Addy: A Winter Story

Since the end of the war, the family has been searching to locate Esther, Auntie Lula, and Uncle Solomon. One evening as Addy is headed home, she passes by the church and sees Esther and Lula on the church steps and brings them home with her. Due to the family leaving her at such a young age, Esther does not remember her family; it hurts Momma when she whines and reaches for Auntie Lula. However, Esther is carrying Janie, the doll that Addy left, and she knows that Addy gave her the doll and calls her "my big sister," showing that Auntie Lula and Uncle Solomon did not let her forget about her family. She slowly becomes affectionate towards her family, especially Addy.

Addy's Wedding Quilt

Addy's Little Brother

High Hopes for Addy

Esther gets underfoot while Addy is trying to make her kite, twisting the frame and damaging the paper. Addy yells at her and is consequently fussed at by Momma to be kind to Esther. Addy says it's hard to do as Esther is constantly in her way and has damaged her school supplies often; Momma says this is because Esther wants to be just like Addy.

When Addy hides the recommendation letter from Miss Dunn, Esther fishes it out of her bag and gives it to Momma. This is how the whole family learns Addy has been recommended for the I.C.Y. Addy hugs Esther as she's scribbling on her slate and says she's glad Esther wants to be like her.

Addy's Summer Place

Esther accompanies Momma and Addy on their trip to Cape Island. She is wearing a new yellow dress on the train.

When Addy goes to fetch water for their campsite, Esther goes with her and picks flowers. They run into a pair of young white children. Esther holds out flowers for him to take in a kind gesture. The young boy tries to be kind in return to Esther (Addy helps by giving her name to him), but his older sister snatches him back and spanks him for being friendly with coloreds. Esther agrees with Addy that the older girl is mean.

On the beach, Esther is scared to go deep into the water and clings to Momma as Addy swims.

Shadows on Society Hill

Addy: An American Girl Story

Esther remained a baby through the whole play rather than getting any older; she was more of a prop than a character, as her "role" was held by a doll wrapped in a blanket. She is left behind with Auntie Lula and returns with her at the end of the play.