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Emily Bennett is the third Best Friend Character released; she is the friend of Molly McIntire. However, Molly has two best friends and Emily is not really a best friend. She is marketed as "Molly's English Friend".

In June 2013 American Girl announced that they would archive Molly's entire collection; she, Emily Bennett, and their collections were later archived in December 2013. Molly's books (including Emily's) and the movie remain available for purchase.

Personality and Facts

Emily is very quiet and shy. She takes a little while to open up to people. The war has affected her greatly (as England was more affected by World War II than America); she has seen houses destroyed and people having to take shelter in the subway during raids. Emily's father is a doctor[2] and has been drafted into the military; this creates a connection between Emily and Molly regarding their fathers' occupations. Emily was sent to stay with her Aunt Primrose in America, however, Aunt Primrose is ill with pneumonia when Emily arrives and has asked the McIntires to take Emily in for a few weeks[3] while she recovers.

Emily has been asked to act like a brave little soldier and so does not show her emotions much. She is also a little disturbed by the loudness of the McIntire children.

She admires Molly a lot, and really tries to impress her and her friends. Emily is often afraid of not fitting into American society, and desperately wants to go home to England. She loves the English Princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret Rose, which she and Molly both share in common. When she goes back to England, they apparently keep in touch.

In Brave Emily, Emily is shown to be skilled in math. She is also revealed to have an interest in gardening.

American Girl characterizes her as "brave" and "shy."

Family and Friends


  • Mum
  • Dad
  • Grandmum
  • Grandy
  • Aunt Primrose



Brave Emily

In Molly's Series

Emily is initially only seen in Happy Birthday, Molly!; she later has a prominent role in side stories, including a major role in The Light in the Cellar.

In Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front

Emily is given a much more prominent role in the film.

In the movie, Emily's father is a bus driver and the family lived in an apartment above a candy store. Emily's mother was killed when the candy store (and, it can be assumed, the block) was bombed during the war.

She is played by Tory Green.


Main article: Emily Bennett (doll)

The Emily doll.

Meet Outfit

  • Blue dress with white flowers and red trim
  • Cherry-blossom headband
  • Red socks
  • Black T-strap shoes
  • Bloomers

Meet Accessories

  • Dogtags on a silk ribbon (necklace)
  • Ration book
  • Ivory-colored cardigan
  • Scrapbook with five pictures
  • English three-pence coin


See Emily's Collection


1986 Emily Benett

Emily's original portrait.

Emilylogo 2

Emily with short hair.


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