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The Emerson Doll.

The Emerson WellieWishers doll was released in 2016 and updated in 2021.

Emerson Doll[]

  • Skin: Light
  • Hair: Black, upper back length, bangs
    • Emerson's hair comes looped into two semi-up ponytail buns.
  • Eyes: Brown

First Meet Outfit[]


The Emerson doll (2016 - 2021).


Faux-wrap t-shirt. V-neckline. Top of shirt of pink, white, and purple striped knit designed like a ballet wrap top, with a bias bow on the left; cap sleeves of same striped fabric; bottom half is solid purple knit. Velcros up the back.


Pink star-print pull-on skirt. Magenta tulle overlay; main fabric is magenta satin with purple hearts and silver dots. Magenta fold over elastic at waistband.

Hair Ties[]

Two pink ponytail holders; pink tulle bows attached.


Pink knit panties. Plain edge on legs. White elastic waistband.


Pink ballet-shoe wellies (boots.) Base color of light pink with magenta overlay of ballet shoe and ribbons winding up and around, with light pink bow image on toes. Lined with white netting for stain prevention. Slit open on the back for ease of removal/wear; no closure.

Second Meet Outfit[]


The Emerson doll (2021 - present).

The outfit is described as Emerson's unicorn outfit, which sparks her imagination when she wears it.





The panties are unchanged from previous.


The wellies are unchanged from previous in design, but are now unlined.

Dress Like Your Doll[]

The matching children's outfit was available. The shirt and skirt retired in 2019.

  • Shirt: $26
  • Skirt: $28
  • Socks: $20[1]
  • Wellies: $30 (previously $26)


  • In prototypes, Emerson's top appeared to be two separate components which were made into a single-piece top in the final release.
  • Because of Emerson's hairbows, she was explicitly warned to be unsuitable for children under three years of age. With the change to a headband, there is no warning.
  • Emerson's face mold was reused for Gwynn Tan. However, Emerson has lighter skin and darker brown eyes than Gwynn.


  1. The socks are part of a set and unavailable as a separate purchase.