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Emerson is one of the five main characters in the WellieWishers line.

Personality, Description, and Facts

Emerson is an elementary aged East-Asian appearing girl with black hair (frequently worn in two twisted buns), light skin, and dark brown eyes.

Emerson is the actress, dancer, and entertainer of the group.She has a older sister and pet cat. She is happiest when in the spotlight and performing center-stage. She frequently makes poems and songs off the top of her head (more than the other girls).

Emerson's signature colors include purple and magenta pink. Her outfit reflects her performing inclinations with a wrap ballet style top, star spangled tulle skirt, and ballet shoe styled wellies. She also wears two pink tulle-trimmed ponytail holders in her hair.

Emerson enjoys saying things three times in a row, sleeping under tents,[1], stirring up excitement, the color purple, making friends laugh ,and jumping into leaf piles.However, she can be thoughtless about what her friends are capable of, and insensitive when they struggle to do what she already can or don't want to (such as when she pressured Willa to perform solo in their "Fall for Fall Show").


While Emerson is in all the books, she is the focus of The Muddily-Puddily Show and Emerson and Princess Peep.

Other Media


See Emerson (doll)


  • As revealed in Episode 4, her favorite animal is a cat.

Emerson’s name in Arabic is iimirsun

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