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Elizabeth's Riding Outfit.

Elizabeth's Riding Outfit was introduced to Elizabeth's Collection in 2005 and retired in 2010. Retail cost was $28.


Light pink "wool" riding jacket. Pleated placket concealing front Velcro closure. Collar and cuffs of same fabric as jacket. Dark golden studs adorn cuffs and right edge of long split peplum; left edge has false buttonholes topstitched in black. Small bow of narrow black satin ribbon at center front neckline. Off-white lace ruffles under cuffs.


Light pink "wool" ankle-length skirt with curve-edged split front and attached sleeveless bodice of off-white cotton. Off-white lace ruffle at high neckline of bodice. Closes in the back with Velcro.


Off-white cotton ankle-length skirt. Off-white lace ruffle around hem. Elastic in back waistband.


Off-white felt hat. Brim has slight dips at front and back and curls up at the sides. Join of brim and rounded crown is trimmed with a narrow off-white cord. Off-white imitation ostrich plume on left side of hat.

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