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Elizabeth's Bedding.

Elizabeth's Bedding was introduced to Elizabeth's Collection in 2005 and retired in 2010. Retail cost was $42.


Light blue rectangular pillow.


Light blue thin quilt. Notches at corners to fit smoothly around bed posts. Wide flat lace trim around lower edges of quilt in same shade of blue as quilt and pillow fabric.


Pale blue canopy with scalloped edges. Stitched at corners to fit smoothly over a four-poster bed frame. Pale blue fringe trim along scallops.

Bed Hangings[]

Four sets of pale blue damask curtains that fit around corners of bed frame. Attached cord ties in same shade of pale blue. In advertising photos, these were shown draped back and tied rather than sliding along the bed frame's built-in curtain rods like Felicity's hangings.

Bed Skirt[]

Pale blue bed skirt in same fabric as canopy valance. Shallow scalloped edges. Notches at corners to fit around bedposts. Pale blue fringe trim along scallops.

Elizabeth's Bed and Bedding[]


Elizabeth's Bed and Bedding.

When sold with the bed and mattress from Felicity's Bed and Bedding, the set was called Elizabeth's Bed and Bedding, and the retail cost was $118.