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Eleanor Culver is the aunt of Molly McIntire.

Personality and Facts[]

Eleanor is described as a petite woman not much taller than Molly. She has short curly hair. Her movements are quick and light and remind Molly of a bird. She always greets Molly by saying "What's up, Doc," to which Molly replies "Not much, Dutch!" She lives on the farm with parents, likely because she is younger and unmarried.

Eleanor has a spirited personality. She likes stargazing and flying. During the war, she joins the WASPs.

In the Books[]

Molly Takes Flight[]

Molly Takes Flight 2

Eleanor and Molly in the barn.

Eleanor was always there when Molly and her family came to visit the farm, and frequently spent time with Molly. However, this time she is not there when Molly arrives. She arrives by suppertime. When Molly mentions their first day of swimming, Eleanor states that she won't be able to go swimming and doesn't explain until they're in the barn stargazing. That night she explains to Molly that she's applied to join the WASPs, and will have to leave immediately if she's accepted.

During Molly's first days, she is gone all day from before morning until supper, practicing flying. One night when she arrives home, Molly--angry at her--snaps that she only cares about flying and not about her family or the farm anymore. Eleanor is hurt and tries to hug Molly, who pulls away. She is hurt and whispers good night before leaving.

The next morning, she takes Molly with her to the airfield and takes her flying. She circles the farm, and says that it's a point she always wants to return to. When they return to the farm and Molly explains that the farm is Eleanor's "North Star", Eleanor asks if her parents will be her North Star to return to. When they agree, she thanks them.

A Spy on the Home Front[]

In Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front[]

Aunt Eleanor's role does not change significantly from the books. However, she has her family relationship changed from being Helen's younger sister to James McIntire's younger sister.[2]

She was played by Amy Stewart.

References and Footnotes[]

  1. Aunt Eleanor does not appear to be married.
  2. Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front:
    Molly: "You and Dad, you're both the best at what you do."
    Aunt Eleanor: "Well, he's my big brother. It runs in the family."