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Edward Merriman is the father of Felicity Merriman. She calls him "Father."

Personality and Facts

Edward Merriman is a kind father to Felicity, understanding her high spirited nature and affection for horses and outdoor activities where her mother does not. He treats his daughter like a fine lady when she comes to the store, much to her delight. He is a well respected citizen of the town, even when he sides with the Patriots and refuses to sell tea before it is popular to do so. He is firm with Ben, but kind.

He runs a popular general store in town, Merriman's Store, with help from Marcus and Benjamin Davidson.

In the Books

Meet Felicity: An American Girl

Father discusses Jiggy Nye with Mrs. Fitchett.

Mr. Merriman is in his store when Felicity arrives; he treats her well and even teases her about her hat that she's wearing to keep her nose from turning red. When she asks for ginger, he gives her some rock candy as well to suck on as she waits. He hands her the ginger and tells her not to lose it like she did the sugar that she fed to a horse. When Felicity asks if she can help at the store, he points out that Ben is there to help and sends Felicity home. As Felicty tries to leave Mrs. Fitchett walks in and they have a conversation about Lissie, then a new horse Jiggy Nye has gotten. He tells Mrs. Fitchett that he doesn't accept promises of payment from Jiggy, as he drinks away his money. When Felicity worries about the horse, he assures her that Jiggy would not mistreat a good horse. When Ben comes home after trying to take the bit to Jiggy Nye and explains what happened and what he knows, Father thinks it a pity that Nye has the horse and that it won't end well.

Father tries to apologize to Jiggy Nye regarding Felicity and Penny.

Father is next seen when Felicity, after about a month of taming Penny, rides her into the yard. He comes out the house wiping his face with a breakfast napkin after Nan hollers for her parents. He stops still after seeing Felicity on the horse. He asks her if that's the horse from the tannery, what she is doing with it, and why she's brought it to the house. After Felicity's explanation, he says that Penny is beautiful and mild as a lamb but that she's not Felicity's to ride and she was wrong to take her, saying she must take her back to Jiggy Nye and apologize. He tells Felicity that she didn't understand Jiggy Nye's statement about whomever could ride her could have her and insists she return Penny, even when Ben explains that Jiggy Nye is beating her. When Jiggy Nye storms in demanding Penny back, Mr. Merriman tries to explain that Felicity didn't mean to steal the horse and apologizes on her behalf as it was a child's mistake. He chastises Mr. Nye for the way he treats Penny and offers to buy the horse, but Jiggy Nye refuses and demands he take Felicity off her. Despite Felicity's protests, he pulls her off Penny and tells Mr. Nye to not talk to Felicity the way he does and to leave.

He goes to find Felicity in the barn stroking Old Bess and hugs her, asking her if she's done crying. When Felicity says her work was a waste he says she tamed and rode the horse like a queen. Felicity continues that she was wrong to try and take Penny for her own, and Father tells her that it was not wrong to try and earn something she loves, only wrong to not try. Felicity worked hard for a hope and he can only be proud of her for that. He tells her to come into the house when she is ready to and leaves her at the stables.

Felicity Learns a Lesson: A School Story

Felicity's Surprise: A Christmas Story

When Felicity asks if it is wrong of her to go to the Governor's Palace, Father explains that it is wrong of adult arguments to affect the happiness of children. He thinks the Dunmores' invitation is a kind gesture, as the governor and his wife also have children of their own and would want them to be happy, especially at Christmas. Father gives permission for Felicity to attend the dancing lesson at the Palace, saying if children of Patriots and Loyalists can dance together, then adults can settle their differences without arguing and fighting one another.

Father, Felicity, and Rose take turns caring for Mother when she falls ill. His New Year's Day gift to Felicity is the fashion doll she had seen in the milliner's shop.

Happy Birthday, Felicity!: A Springtime Story

Felicity Saves The Day: A Summer Story

Father is initially not seen with his immediate family at King's Creek Plantation. He posts a notice and reward in the Virginia Gazette about Ben's disappearance.

Changes for Felicity: A Winter Story

Father goes off to get supplies for the Patriot army, and Felicity says for him to bring Penny along.

Peril at King's Creek

Edward isn't at King's Creek with Felicity's family due to business at his store. He plans on coming a few weeks later, but Ben comes in his place to say that there's too much work at the store. Edward does come out to capture the British spy when Felicity writes to him for help. At the end, when the spy is captured, he goes to King's Creek with Felicity.

Traitor in Williamsburg

When Felicity and Elizabeth's friend Fiona's father is accused of giving supplies to the Loyalists, Father helps him in trial. But then someone accuses Father of being a traitor. Later, Felicity sees her father being arrested.

Lady Margaret's Ghost

Following Mother's departure, Father receives a package and a letter from Massachusetts. The letter states a cousin has died and the package contains heirlooms that have been passed down in the Merriman family for over a hundred years. Father tells Felicity the story behind the Merriman heirlooms.

Gunpowder and Tea Cakes: My Journey with Felicity

Felicity: An American Girl Adventure

Edward is played by John Schneider.