Eddie Ryland is Samantha Parkington's bothersome neighbor.



Eddie is a boy about Samantha's age that enjoys picking on and teasing her. He is described as round faced with curly hair. His tricks are mostly harmless, but quite mean spirited towards Samantha. He is possibly from a well-to-do family, as he lives in the same neighborhood and his family can afford hired help; however, Eddie attends public school. He may be poor at math. [2] He lives with his mother and father; he appears to be an only child.

Despite his mocking and meanness, Samantha mostly knows how to handle him using threats. In the movie, he has a money jar with all the money that he obtained from bullying people.

In The Books

Meet Samantha: An American Girl

Eddie is the first voice heard in the series; he yells at Samantha and causes her to tumble out of the tree. He then mocks and teases her, and only leaves when Samantha threatens to dump his beetle collection into the church collection plate. He is seen again when Gardner Edwards comes out to take Samantha for a ride in the automobile, as he was sitting in the car but scrambles out. He tells Samantha she looks dumb and she ignores him. He then yells that a girl her age is coming to be his maid, and Samantha calls him a liar. She does not believe him until she meets Nellie O'Malley.

At around the same time as the two girls first meet, Eddie interrupts them and says he sees them, calling them ugly. He then threatens to tell on them -- most likely to his parents, as Nellie is not working. Samantha stops him by saying she'll take his pocketknife and cram it full of taffy. Eddie stops in his tracks, stares, covers his back pocket where the knife is, backs away, and runs off.

A little bit later, after going to see what happened to Jessie after her leaving, Samantha goes next door to find Nellie. Nellie is nowhere to be seen, and Eddie is there playing with gum by taking it out of his mouth in long strings and stuffing it back. He says he knows something Samantha doesn't, looking pleased with himself. Samantha waits and Eddie says that Nellie is going away because she's sick and his mother doesn't think she's strong enough to work properly; next time they'll get an immigrant woman who will last.

Samantha shoves Eddie's gum into his hair and runs off, leaving him howling and trying to get the gum out of his hair.

Samantha Learns a Lesson: A School Story

Eddie is only mentioned at The Mount Bedford Public School when he pulls the hair bow out of Clarisse Van Sicklen's hair when Samantha is looking for Nellie.

His mother Mrs. Ryland is later mentioned talking to Grandmary with Edith Eddleton's mother. The mothers are talking about how improper it is for the Van Sicklens to hire Nellie's entire family.

Happy Birthday, Samantha!: A Springtime Story

Eddie gets upset for not being invited to Samantha's tenth birthday party, and puts salt into the ice cream when nobody is looking in order to ruin the party.

Samantha's Special Talent

The Lilac Tunnel: My Journey with Samantha

In the film

Eddie is much more of a bully than a pest in the movie. He also appears to be a little older than Samantha (but not by much, as he continues to wear short pants).[3] Eddie bullies people, including the milkman, into giving him money. When the O'Malleys move in to be servants to his family, he breaks a window behind Nellie and demands a penny for not telling but Samantha stands up to him for Nellie's sake. He later tries to get money out of Samantha to not tell that she and Nellie are in the boathouse, and gets Nellie in trouble for having spent the night in there. Later, Nellie follows Eddie to where he hides his money jar in the well and takes it. Samantha dumps the contents in the collection plate at church, and Eddie glares at her but cannot do anything. He is not seen again after Samantha moves to New York City.

He is played by Michael Kanev.


  1. This is according to the movie.
  2. In Meet Samantha, he tells Samantha that she is so dumb she probably thinks three times four is twelve, which it is.
  3. The actor that played Eddie was about 13-14 years old when he performed the role.

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