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Dreamy Bedding.

The Dreamy Bedding is a My American Girl accessory set released in 2011 and retired in 2015. It is the complementary set to the Dreamy Daybed. Retail cost was $34.


Reversible comforter. One side has white, pink, teal, orange, and yellow stripes in various sizes. Dotted teal lines are scattered throughout. A thick, wavy teal line has inspirational words written along it, such as "Kind, Proud, Loyal, Smart, Real, Brave, Fair." The other side has a light blue fabric with graphic s of flowers and hearts in white, pink, purple, blue, and orange.

Pink Sheet[]

Solid light pink bedsheet.

Green Sheet[]

Light teal bedsheet with white polka dots.

Bed Pillows[]

Two rectangular bed pillows. One has a fabric that matches the striped side of the comforter. The other is light teal with white polka dots.

Throw Pillow[]

Light pink circular throw pillow. Pillow has graphic on the front with white and magenta flower.