The Downhill Racer outfit and Downhill Ski Gear I as seen on one of the modern dolls, possibly Just Like You 5, 8, or 17.

The Downhill Racer outfit was an American Girl of Today introduced in 1997 and retired in 2000. It was paired with the Downhill Ski Gear. Retail cost was $18.

Ski Suit

Silver fitted ski suit. Black panels down the sides. White panel at center front, closed with a black zipper. Tan "American Girl of Today" patch on left shoulder. Narrow black band collar.


Silver ski gloves. Black trim at cuffs.


Black fleece headband trimmed with neon green.


Doll-sized "polarized" ski goggles with magenta lens and neon green frame. Black elastic to hold around doll's head.

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