Donna Hill is the close friend of Nanea Mitchell.



  • Mr. and Ms. Hill: Parents.


Donna Hill is one of Nanea's closest friends; along with Lily Suda, they are part of the Three Kittens. She is white with blonde hair. She and her family moved to Hawaii from San Francisco three years before the start of the series, and she is an only child.

She enjoys sweets, especially bubble gum. Initially she doesn't care anything about the war situation, and tries to ignore it as much as possible.

Her favorite flavor of shaved ice is orange.

At the end of Growing Up With Aloha, she and her mother, as non-essentials, are evacuated from Hawaii and move temporarily to San Francisco.

In the Books

Growing Up with Aloha

Hula for the Home Front

Prints in the Sand: My Journey with Nanea

The Legend of the Shark Goddess


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