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Niña Doll.

The Dolls' Dolls are smaller dolls for the Historical Characters.

The dolls were was originally part of their Holiday Collection and generally integrated into the holiday story in some way. Historical characters on the covers of the holiday books were often shown holding their dolls before American Girl redid the covers. Prior to the BeForever revamp, American Girl retired most of these dolls. In 2015, Josefina and Addy's dolls were rereleased with minor modifications (notably, earrings were removed) and bundled with several revamped prior accessories as part of their nighttime necessities; thus they were no longer available as individual purchases. Kaya's doll was unbundled from the cradleboard in 2019.

Because Kaya doesn't celebrate the same type of holidays as the other characters, her doll is not part of a holiday collection. Two of the Best Friend Characters have dolls as well.

Cécile Rey receives a doll from Armand at the end of Meet Cécile which she names Amie in Troubles for Cécile; however there was never a doll manufactured for her collection.


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