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Diane Harris is a friend and classmate of Melody Ellison.




In the Books[]

No Ordinary Sound[]

Diane begins the book as a bossy snob who tries to steal the spotlight even when Melody is chosen for a solo over her or as team captain in gym class. Melody and Sharon are annoyed by her antics early in the book. However, when Melody overhears Diane in a piano class with Geneva Porter, being encouraged through her struggles with the instrument, Melody realizes that Diane is not perfect at everything like she pretends to be. Later, Diane in turn overhears Melody's voice lessons and realizes that Melody isn't below her and is braver than she is for trying a difficult, meaningful song nobody has ever done before for Youth Day. From there, the two of them become friends over the summer, and Diane joins the group of friends consisting of Melody, Sharon, and Val. They all support Melody when she is home sick, and when the reason is revealed to be trauma, they help her gain the courage to reenter the church and sing.

Never Stop Singing[]