The Decked Out Holiday Dress as seen on Just Like You 82.

The Decked Out Holiday Dress was a Truly Me outfit released in 2019 and retired in 2020. Retail cost was $36.


Red sequin bodice with tulle skirt. Bodice has short sleeves and a slight V-neck neckline. A silver satin ribbon around the waist ties with a ribbon in the center of the dress. Skirt has solid red fabric with red tulle over top.


White faux fur shoulder wrap with button in the front. A rhinestone is on the left side of the wrap.


Red flats with black soles. Shoes are made with a smooth, glittery red fabric. Flats are open near the ankle on both sides of the foot and have a separate supportive piece at the back. Silver bows near toes are placed towards the outside of the feet.


Silver glitter headband with three rhinestones on left side.


Plastic silver ring with silver oval rhinestone.

Dress Like Your Doll

DeckedOutHolidayDress kids


The children's matching dress was available for $68.

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