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Daniel Albright is the father of Julie Albright.

Personality and Facts[]

Daniel Albright (as of the start of Meet Julie) has recently divorced his wife Joyce, leading to her and their daughters Tracy and Julie moving out of their house and into the apartment. It is implied that he and Joyce divorced because of her desire to start her own business and disagreed with her independence and decision to enter the workforce rather than to continue to be a housewife as he preferred. Despite his sincere love for Julie and Tracy, he holds some sexist ideas such as assuming that Julie is only in a basketball club after school and, upon hearing that it is a formal team, discouraging Julie from wanting to play on the Jack London's boys' basketball team (even though he taught her to play) by saying it's not a good idea because she might get hurt and he has never heard of girls playing on the boys team and that boys might not want her there.

When Julie sees the "exclamation-point creases" between his eyebrows, she knows a topic should be dropped.

He is a pilot and because of this, he does not see his children often. He does bring back souvenirs from the locations he flies to, such as postcards, snowglobes, and Julie's tape recorder.

In The Books[]

Meet Julie: An American Girl[]

Daniel is not present on the day Joyce, Tracy, and Julie move out of the house to the apartment and is instead at work flying.

Julie Tells Her Story[]

Happy New Year, Julie![]

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Julie's Journey[]

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