Daniel Albright is the father of Julie Albright.

Basic Facts

  • Full Name: Daniel Albright
  • First Appearance: Meet Julie


Personality and Facts

Daniel is a pilot. It is implied that he divorced his wife because of her desire to start her own business. He expresses similar concern for Julie joining the boys' basketball team, even though he was the one that taught her how to play. He's more traditional than his wife. As a child, he used to have a mountain bike that he loved. He's quite a daring man.

In The Books

Meet Julie: An American Girl

Daniel is not supportive of Julie joining the boy's basketball team because he is worried that the boys will be too rough. He takes Julie and Ivy out to Ghirardelli Square, and Fisherman's wharf.

Julie Tells Her Story

Happy New Year, Julie!

Daniel takes Tracy and Julie to have tea at the Fairmont hotel.

Julie and the Eagles

Julie's Journey

Changes for Julie

Good Luck, Ivy

The Tangled Web

The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter

Lost in the City

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