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DK Logo from 2020-present.

DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley) is a British-based multinational publishing company founded in 1974 with publications in the US starting in 1991. The publisher specializes in illustrated reference books for children and adults. As of 2000 (due to an overestimation of the market for Star Wars books resulting in massive overstock and large debt), DK was taken over by the Pearson PLC media company and made part of Penguin Group, which also owned the Penguin Books label; post merger, it is thus currently owned by Random House Books.

In Relation To American Girl Books

DK Logo from 2003-2014.

DK Logo from 2014-2020.

DK Publishing has released several trivia and activity books regarding American Girl products, mostly focusing on named characters.

The following books have been published under the DK imprint, specifically DK Children or DK America: