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Courtney Moore is the seventeenth Historical Character, representing the 1980s. Courtney was released in 2020.

Personality and Facts

Courtney lives in the fictional city of Orange Valley, CA with her blended family. Her parents Maureen and Bruce divorced when she was two years old, but mutually get along. Maureen met Mike D'Amico, a widower, and his daughter Tina when Courtney was five; they were later married, making him her stepfather. Courtney moved into Mike and Tina's house, the only time she has ever moved. Until recently she spent every weekend at her father Bruce's house, but he has recently moved to take on a new job in Bellingham so in-person visits can only be once a month now. She and her stepsister Tina don't initially get along (as much as they used to) at the start of the series, and Courtney is upset that Tina seems to be dismissing her, acting mean, and pushing her away, which has happened since the birth of their little brother, Rafi two years ago.

She likes to be in control of what is happening around her, a struggle with the many changes that are happening in her life such as her mother running for mayor of the town. Because of Maureen's campaign, she and her family is pitching in more at home to give Maureen more time to campaign. Thus, Courtney does more helping around the house such as cleaning, chores, and caring for/entertaining her younger brother. She also now packs her own lunch, a task Maureen used to do for her.[5] She looks up to various women as role models and wants to see more female characters into video games. Her favorite song is "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper and her favorite candy is gummy bears.

When she and Sarah go to the mall after school their first rule is "snack first," and at movies, she always gets popcorn. Her favorite color is purple and she loves anything with bright, bold patterns. Whenever she gets new clothes, she tries to see how many different outfits can be created with them along with what she already has.[6]

Courtney can be very shy when speaking to people she doesn't know or speaking up for herself or family; her best friend Sarah says she talks when she has something to say, rather than talking to hear the sound of her own voice, and knows exactly what to say when she does so. She feels better at working on individual projects such as playing video games than group work in class. She and Sarah are experts at making sleepover fortune-teller cootie catchers, and she has saved every one that she and Sarah have made during their sleepovers in a shoe box in her closet.[7] She is a fairly good artist. Courtney owns a pet guinea pig, Parsley, whom she named after his favorite thing to eat.

Courtney is an avid gamer and has one of the highest scores on Pac-Man at Smiley's Arcade. She is also into movies such as Star Wars, and The Goonies is her favorite movie. Her older stepsister Tina calls her a nerd for enjoying such things. She gets the idea to create her own video game with a self-created character, Crystal Starshooter, that she partially names after Christa McAuliffe. She is also very interested in space and excited for the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger, including the fact a school teacher is going into space for the first time. Courtney is very imaginative and often gets lost in daydreams about Crystal Starshooter and the world Courtney has created for her.

Family and Friends

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Friends and other Minor Characters

  • Kip Tomatsu: Courtney's gamer friend.
  • Sarah Barrett: Courtney's outspoken best friend.
  • Mr. Garcia: Courtney's third grade teacher.
  • Issac Wells: A new friend that Courtney meets who has HIV.


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Other Media


The Courtney doll.

Main article: Courtney Moore (doll)
  • Face Mold: Classic Mold
  • Skin: Light
  • Hair: Blond, spiral curls, upper back length, side swept bangs, right side part
  • Eyes: Blue


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  • Courtney is the second Historical Character after Julie Albright to have divorced parents; unlike Julie, whose parents never show any remarriage, Courtney is from a blended family with a stepparent and step/half siblings.
  • According to the website, Courtney's meet outfit was purchased at Valerie's, a store located in Orange Valley Mall.

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