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Courtney Changes the Game is the first volume of Courtney's series. It is included with the Courtney doll when purchased and can be purchased separately.



Only in Courtney Changes the Game

Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Game Over

Chapter Two: A New Job

Chapter Three: Dream Big

Chapter Four: Making Room

Chapter Five: Totally Bogus

Chapter Six: Less Than Perfect

Chapter Seven: Challengers

Chapter Eight: The Interview

Chapter Nine: Angry Tina and Fun Tina

Chapter Ten: Mother-Daughters Day

Chapter Eleven: Door-to-Door

Chapter Twelve: Countdown

Chapter Thirteen: Aftermath

Chapter Fourteen: A Lasting Impact

Chapter Fifteen: Crystal Starshooter's Universe

Word List

Definitions of popular slang of the 1980s.

Inside Courtney's World

Discusses the early to mid-1980s and the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. Topics discussed:

  • The election of Ronald Reagan as president
  • The lack of employment early in the decade, later followed by a rise in consumer purchasing
  • Fads such as Cabbage Patch Kids
  • The rise of malls and mall culture such as Valley Girls
  • Television and cable TV, including more focused channels like CNN, HBO, Nickelodeon and the rising availability of VCRs
  • MTV and its influence on music and youth fashion
  • The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster--including how it was broadcast live to school children nationwide and the aftermath
  • Women's rise in politics and other careers that had been traditionally dominated by men, and the challenges faced from the wage gap and sexism
  • Changing family dynamics such as divorce, blended families, use of day care for younger children, and latch key kids
  • The continued rise of recycling from the 1970s
  • The rise of technology in the 1980s and how it--and women's expansion into society--paved the way for modern day technology and more gender equality

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  1. Courtney returns to school on January 6th; the first chapters happen four days before.
  2. The Monday after the Challenger disaster.