Courtney's Sleepover Accessory Set.

Courtney's Sleepover Accessory Set was introduced to Courtney's Collection in 2020. Retail cost is $50.


Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Cassette Tapes

Four molded plastic cassette tapes. Each has a label with white writing space (with one as A and the other and B), rainbow stripes, an image of simulated internal cassette reel, and purple bottom stripe with "90 minute Stereo Cassette." Molded A and B on lower left on opposite sides. Numerically:

  • Courtney's Mix 2: Hot pink tape. From the A side, all but the last of the four molded holes are open.
  • Courtney's Mix 3: Lavender tape. From the A side, the first and third of the four molded holes are open.
  • Courtney's Mix 4: Pale yellow tape. From the A side, the first and second of the four molded holes are open.
  • Courtney's Mix 5: White tape. From the A side, all but the second of the four molded holes are open.

Boombox and Tape Interaction

When included cassette tapes (or the one with Courtney's Accessories) are placed in the tape deck and the play button is pushed, a song or music clip plays for approximately forty-five seconds depending on the side inserted. The Stop button will pause the music briefly but eventually time out, meaning the song will then play from the start again.

This is triggered by the four-button combinations located inside the tape deck. The combination of buttons pushed down by the tape (with holes to allow for "open" buttons) signal which song clip plays. Songs are era-simulated pop-style songs according to the titles on the tape cases; the A song has lyrics and B song is instrumentals only.

Of the six possible combinations of mirror reversible tapes, five were created.[1] While a sixth tape could be released, no song clips are programmed for the combination.

The same ten available songs play when the tuner on the boombox is dialed to preset spots; the music selected is random.

Tape Cases

Four black and clear plastic hinged tape case. Clear sides have white overlay label integrated with various doodles. Cassette tapes can be stored inside (proper storage is with bottom holed edge down, though tape will fit either way).

Numerically, text is as follows:

Courtney's Mix 2 (three stars)

Overtime (Boom Boom)
- Heather

Arcade Magic
- The Escape Artists

Courtney's Mix 3 (three hearts)

My Little Heart
- Smiles for Miles

Jump Up
- The Fast Fix

Courtney's Mix 4 (lightning bolt with dashes)

She Can't Stop
- Randy Winters

Don't Wake Me Up
- Duo

Courtney's Mix 5 (music notes)

Dance the Night Away
- G Hero

When You Turn it Up
- Barry Star

Soda Cans

While stock images show clear bands on the cans--presumably to allow doll to hold can--these are not always present on the final product.

Tortilla Chips


Cootie Catcher

The catcher comes unfolded with instructions on the back for how to fold into shape.

Doodle Notebook


Silver and lime green plastic molded ballpoint pen. Lime green section has molded ridges.


  1. The potential other four tapes would not be mirror reversible, and the one with four open holes (or all buttons open) would not play anything as this is the "off".
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