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Courtney's Pleasant Company Doll.

Courtney's Pleasant Company Doll was introduced to Courtney's Collection in 2020. Retail cost is $30.


A miniature doll of Molly McIntire, dressed in her classic-style meet outfit of argyle sweater w/attached dicky collar, skirt, shoes, socks, hair ribbons, bloomers, and glasses. The doll is in the modern style released in 2014 with an all-vinyl body, and the glasses are in small plastic packaging along with book.


Miniature paperback abridged book of Meet Molly (parchment cover from 1989.)


Paper box that resembles the first Pleasant Company box. Maroon cardstock lid with Pleasant Company logo on the front and cream text stripe representing the paper strip that came on the original boxes. Dark ribbon bow with Velcro closure.


Miniature reproduction of the 1986 Pleasant Company catalog. It is advertised as having Courtney gone through and circled items she wants for Christmas. Inside, red ink circles are printed around the following descriptions: the Molly Doll and Book, Molly Learns a Lesson and Molly's Surprise books, and Molly's Christmas Box.


Informational pamphlet discussing Courtney receiving the Molly doll for Christmas, her new relationship with Bruce Moore after his move, and data about Molly McIntire and how her stories help Courtney get along with Tina. Also talks about the start of Pleasant Company and the first three characters at launch.


  • While the style of the mini book of Meet Molly aligns to the first version in that it is the parchment cover style, the book is technically anachronistic. The illustrations used for the mini book were not introduced until 1989, when the first edition illustrations by Chris Payne were replaced by new ones by Nick Backes. Payne's original illustrations can be seen inside the catalog.