Courtney's PAC-MAN Lunch Set.

Courtney's PAC-MAN Lunch Set was introduced to Courtney's Collection in 2020. Retail cost is $25.

Lunch Box

Yellow PAC-MAN plastic lunchbox. Label has 1980s-styled Pac-Man logo, with PAC-MAN logo across the top in arch. Pac-Man is running with four ghosts around him (the pink one, Pinky is being eaten and the blue one, Inky, is being carried while Blinky and Clyde are running from beneath Pac-Man's feet), and blue radial ombre background with trademark data beneath. White handle. Hinged at bottom.

Thermos™ Container

Yellow and brown Thermos™ insulated container. Thermos has a yellow base and removable screw-off yellow lid/cup. Label has 1980s-styled Pac-Man logo similar to front of lunchbox (Pac-Man with/ Ghosts and arched logo), doubled on white wrap around label with trademark data on side between doubled images. Underneath lid cup is a dark brown nonfunctional flip open spout and molded lid.


Triangular-cut white bread sandwich. Brown crusts and thin lines inside to simulate bologna and cheese filling.

Apple Slices

Three connected red apple slices with red skins and cream interiors.

Cheese Balls

Clumped orange cheese ball snack chips. Can be stored in container.

Cheese Balls Container

Silver plastic cheese balls container. Removable yellow plastic lid. Blue label with design on front of CHEESE PUFFS Cheese Flavored Cheese Puffs. New! in red starburst. Image of wedge of cheese and scattered cheese puffs in front of cheese puff background in circle.


Packaged brownie in plastic wrapper. Top with molded multicolored sprinkles.


Informational pamphlet discussing Courtney's school life including, grade, her teacher Mr. Garcia, her enjoyment of video games and creation of Crystal Starshooter, and lunchtime.


  • The lunch box and thermos pair is based on the 1980 PAC-MAN Aladdin lunch box. The original was metal with the design molded into the design. The overall design is authentic to popular plastic lunch box styles of the era.
  • The Cheese Puffs container is similar to the designs of Planters Cheeze Balls packages.
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