Cookie Baking and Decorating Set.

The Cookie Baking and Decorating Set was a Truly Me accessory released in 2019 and retired in 2020. Retail cost was $35.


Three plastic gingerbread cookies. Cookies are plain until cold water is put on them, which makes "icing" appear via thermochromatic means. Dipping cookies in warm water makes pattern disappear. Cookies come in three shapes: a candy cane, a gingerbread figure with a button up shirt and bow tie, and a gingerbread figure with a skirt, top, and bow. Patterns are in red, green, and white designs.

Piping Bag

White plastic faux icing piping bag with silver paint on tip. Bag holds water that can be dripped on cookies to make "icing" appear or disappear.

Mixing Bowl

Red plastic mixing bowl with handle. Black lines on outside to replicate measurement levels.

Cookie Dough

Light brown plastic chunk of faux cookie dough with white flecks in it. Dough is designed so it looks like it has been rolled out on a table.

Rolling Pin

Plastic rolling pin with light brown handles. Pin has a white backdrop with a pattern of red, green, and blue stripes.

Cookie Cutters

Two light blue plastic cookie cutters. The gingerbread person-shaped cookies fit in these cutters.

Baking Sheet

Gray metal baking sheet.

Recipe Card

Paper recipe card. Light pink border with image of green gingerbread man on it. Black text with recipe for gingerbread cookies.


White plastic timer with light blue buttons and gray faux display. Display reads "03:59." Timer can stand upright on flat surface.


Light pink plastic spatula.


Red, white, and light pink apron. White pocket with pink snowflake pattern and American Girl logo. Pattern on main portion of apron features nutcrackers, trees, snowflakes, hearts, stars, and triangles. White fabric goes around neck and white ties are on the back of the apron.

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