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Coconut's Vet Set shown with Coconut.

Coconut's Vet Set is a Coconut Item accessory set released in 2007 and retired in 2008. Retail cost was $16.

Care List[]

A paper care list that reads "Pet Progress Chart." "'Helping Paw' Pet Care Clinic" is written on it in purple as well as a purple heart and paw print logo. The chart has categories for snuggling, tail wagging, treat eating, butterfly chasing, and napping.


Pink and clear plastic syringe with heart-shaped design on the end.


Pink elastic bandage.

Ice Pack[]

Purple flower-shaped ice pack.


Flexible plastic pink flower-shaped cone. Attaches with velcro.


Pink paper envelope with purple "'Helping Paw' Pet Care Clinic" written on it and purple heart and paw print logo.


Three translucent x-ray slides that can fit into the envelope. One slide is red, yellow, and orange with a heart shape and the words "a heart of gold." Another is pink and purple with an image of a stomach and it says "butterflies in her tummy." The third is pink and blue and reads "a paw-sitive attitude."


CoconutVetSet stickers


Removable bandage-shaped stickers. Sheet reads "Friends always stick together" at the top.


  • Nearly all of these items were reused for the Vet Set II. The cone, bandages, and ice pack were recolored, but the care list, x-rays, envelope, and syringe are identical.

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