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Coconut's Sleepover Accessories

Coconut's Sleepover Accessories is a Coconut Item accessory set released in 2004 and retired in 2006. Retail cost was $14.

Pet Bed[]

Reversible pet bed. One side is royal blue with blue stars and white stitched outlines of moons. The other side is light blue and has phrases like "Create," "Dream, and "Give" in cursive font.

Sleep Mask[]

Royal blue sleep mask with light blue polka dots and "Dream Big Dreams" written in light blue font. Light blue ruffle around edge of mask. Blue elastic on back to hold mask on pet's head.

Treat Bag[]

Clear plastic bag that holds pet treat. Light blue printed graphic on bag with clear circular window to show treat when it's in the bag. Royal blue script around window reads "Puppy Pillow Treat."


Beige plastic cookie with purple moon and star decorated on top. Magnet on back so pets can hold it.


Royal blue sticker sheet with blue star and yellow moon stickers that match the ones on the bed fabric. Other stickers include drawings of Coconut yawning and sleeping.


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