Clues in the Shadows is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Molly's books.


From the Central Series


  • Ronnie
  • Mrs. Rinaldi

Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: An Arrest!

Chapter Two: A Challenge

Chapter Three: Ricky the Rat

Chapter Four: The Prowler

Chapter Five: Menace on Main Street

Chapter Six: Clues in the Shed

Chapter Seven: Surprise in Ward B

Chapter Eight: The Great Girl Detective

Chapter Nine: Fight at the Factory

Chapter Ten: An Unexpected Visitor

Chapter Eleven: A New Plan

Chapter Twelve: Secrets


Looking Back

Discusses the lives and struggles Americans faced during and after World War Two. Topics include:

  • What wartime activities children did, and how children stayed patriotic during the war.
  • The Eisenhower medal, which was only given to Boy Scouts.
  • What struggles families faced with soldiers who returned after VE Day.
  • How soldiers with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) were treated and how they suffered.
  • What problems and emotions families with a MIA (Missing in Action) soldier faced.
  • How women supported the troops, and the duties of a Camera girl.
  • Why women had to give up their jobs, and the pride they felt for what they did.
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