Church Fair Fun.

Church Fair Fun (also known as Addy's Church Fair Fun) was introduced to Addy's Collection in 1994 and retired in 2002. It is associated with the book Addy Saves the Day. Retail cost was $22.


Red puppet stage. Top detachable half. Yellow cloth curtains attached. "Puppet Show" printed on top in ivory paint; painted spotlights below stage. Three pegs behind the top to rest puppets. Bottom half has groove for holding frame; three grooves for backdrops. Hollow bottom can be turned over for storage.


Two cardboard backdrops:

  • Drawn background: tree, fence, meadow, low hills and sky. Text at bottom says "Use the blank sides to create more scenes for your puppet show." Other side is blank.
  • Blank card.

Soldier Puppet

Wooden spool soldier puppet. Blue paint added to resemble uniform, black painted face. Strung together with black yarn; the center spool has a drilled hole to allow stringing. White cords are attached to head and hands and strung to wooden rod.

Dog Puppet

Wooden spool dog puppet. Black and brown spots painted on body, black felt ears, black eyes and nose and pink tongue. Strung together with black yarn, with length for tail. White cords attached to head and near tail and strung to wooden rod.


Wooden spool functional slide whistle. Designed to appear to be of three spools, with natural stain. Small hole at end of slide.

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