Kit's Holiday Outfit.

Kit's Christmas Outfit (also known as Kit's Holiday Outfit) was introduced to Kit's Collection in 2000 and retired in 2017. It is associated with the book Kit's Surprise. Retail cost was originally $22 and was later raised to $32.


Cranberry colored dress with flared/gored skirt. Red belt with plastic buckle. Long sleeves with split cuffs and broad white collar. Velcros up the back.


Red hair bow with white dots. Originally attached to a silver barrette clip; in 2013, the metal clip was replaced with a red scrunchy.


White mesh thigh-high stockings.


Black patent-leather T-strap shoes.

Scottie Dog Pin

Scottie dog pin for collar. It was originally a magnet-attached pin, but it was later permanently attached to the collar as a button.

Dress Like Your Doll

KitChristmasDress girls

Kit's Christmas Dress for girls.

Kit's Christmas Dress for Girls was available for a cost of $80.



Special Edition mini doll.

  • The shoes in this outfit are almost identical to the shoes that come with the Emily Bennett doll.
  • In Kit's Surprise, it's stated that this outfit originally belonged to Ruthie Smithens.
  • A special edition mini doll of Kit wearing the Christmas Outfit and an abridged copy of Kit's Surprise was released in 2011 to celebrate American Girl's 25th anniversary.

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