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Chrissa's IM-Me for Girls.

Chrissa's IM-Me for Girls was part of Chrissa's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2009. The retail cost was $65.

IM-Me unit[]

Pink IM-Me unit (a instant messaging wireless toy by Mattel). QWERTY keyboard and base.

USB Dongle[]

Pink USB RF dongle for communication with the IM-Me unit. Allows for instant messaging through device once dongle is attached to a computer.[1][2]


Pink carrying case. American Girl Logo and flowers on front.

Instruction Guide[]

Instruction guide.

Installation CD[]

Installation CD with drivers and associated software.

System Requirements[]

  • Windows® Vista/Windows® XP/Windows® 2000
  • 800 MHz or higher processor
  • 1 GB free hard disk space
  • 32 MB video card
  • Sound card
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Broadband internet connection (suggested)


  • This is an American Girl-themed release of the then-availiable IM-Me unit[3] sold under Girl Tech, another product of Mattel. The device connected users on a limited-access community.


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