Chrissa's Craft Studio.

Chrissa's Craft Studio was part of Chrissa's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2009. The retail cost was $78.


Blue wooden table with pull out drawer. In Chrissa Stands Strong, this table is shown briefly. Chrissa, Gwen, and Sonali are making their Solidarity Scarves on top of it.

Sewing Machine

Pretend sewing machine. Requires Two AAA batteries to make presser foot move.


Green bowl. According to the item description, it was made by Chrissa's father, a potter.

Skeins of Yarn

Three skeins of yarn in purple, orange, and brown.


Aqua knitting needles.

Tape Measure

6" tape measure. The inches marked are real inches, and not to scale with the dolls.


Five pretend spools of thread.

Pin Cushion

Pink pin cushion. Seen briefly in Chrissa's movie when the friends are making Solidarity Scarves.

Sketch Book

Brown sketch book.


Brown caddy.


Pretend scissors with pink handles.


Two pencils.

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