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Chocolate Cherry Outfit

The Chocolate Cherry Outfit as seen on Just Like You 22.

The Chocolate Cherry Outfit was a Just Like You outfit released in 2005 and retired in 2007. It was paired with the Chocolate Cherry Headband and Accessories. Retail cost was $26.


Cherry red long-sleeve velour bodice attached to chocolate brown full skirt. Red taffeta bow on right side of waist. Faux leopard fur cuffs.


Faux leopard fur collar. Fixed pink rhinestone flower brooch on left side of collar.


Brown heeled shoes with red bow near toe. Toe is velvet. Back is plastic.


ChocCherryOutfit girls

The Chocolate Cherry Outfit for girls.

ChocCherryOutfit earrings

Stick-on earrings.

Sheet of stick-on earrings.


Holiday trivia quiz.

Dress Like Your Doll[]

The girls' dress was available (and included the headband) for a cost of $79.