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The Chic and Stylish Accessories.

The Chic and Stylish Accessories are a Truly Me Accessory set released in 2021. They are part of the Street Chic Collection.

They are paired with the unique meet outfits Cool Camo Outfit, Skater Dress Outfit, and Girly Graffiti Outfit. Retail cost is $30.


Light aqua knit beanie. American Girl logo star embroidered on front left cuff in black.


Lime green sunglasses. Iridescent mirrored lenses.


Silver American Girl logo star pendant on silver chain. Heart clasp at back.


Black slim knit calf socks. White and light blue stripes at upper cuff.


Black molded plastic smartphone. Clear front panel. Back opens to insert screens.

Smartphone Screens

Two dual-sided laminated cardstock smartphone screens. Screens overall simulate the Apple iOS 7 systems.

  • First pair:
    • Blue line-streaked floral lock screen: 3:45 Tuesday, signal strength and battery at top and Unlock > at bottom
    • Grey incoming call screen: signal strength, 3:45 and battery at top; Dad and call length of 3:20; Mute, Keypad, and Speaker logos; call in process symbol in red
  • Second Pair:
    • Weather screen: Blue background. Displaying Current weather of 77° and partially sunny with five day forecast for Sunday through Thursday
    • Game screen similar to Minecraft; shows a block tree in mid-ground and wand in foreground with five symbols at top.

Phone Case

Dark teal plastic phone case. Molded handle.


Five $1 US bills.