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The Cheer Practice Outfit as seen on Just Like You 47.

The Cheer Practice Outfit was a Truly Me outfit released in 2018 and retired in 2020. It was paired with the Nfinity Cheer Set. Retail cost was $28.


Geometric print top. Print has triangles in coral, dark coral, light blue, and dark blue. Light blue elastic around bottom has repeating pattern with "CHEER" written in dark coral.


Geometric print leggings in the same pattern as the top. Leggings have a wide waistband in the same fabric. They are high-waisted and fully cover doll's torso when worn with the top. Leggings end above the ankle.

Tie-Front Top

Purple knit tie-front top. Coral contrast stitching around hems, including sleeve hems.


Stretchy coral headband.


Coral vinyl sneakers with light blue pieces stitched on sides and toes. Light blue elastic ties and white plastic soles.

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