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Charles Kittredge is the older brother of Kit Kittredge.

Personality and Facts

Charlie is the older brother of Kit and sixteen years old (as it wasn't uncommon to graduate from high school at that age at the time). He is warm, smart, funny, affectionate, supportive, and honest--especially with Kit, as when she is upset at causing conflict in the house and about to complain via one of her newspapers, he talks her out of it by explaining that their father will not appreciate her minor upset after closing the dealership and the many financial issues the family is having.

Charlie had been preparing to go to college, but is unable to because of the financial hardships his family must deal with due to the Depression. He gets a job delivering papers and gives up his personal bedroom to allow for more boarders, moving to the porch to sleep.

During the summer of 1933, he attends one of the work camps organized as part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps (or CCC).

Charlie calls Kit "Squirt" and often calls Ruthie Smithens "Goofy Ruthie". He gave Kit the book Robin Hood.

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Charlie is not cast in the movie; however, like Aunt Millie, he is mentioned in passing by other characters.


  1. Really Truly Ruthie, pg. 42: "Heavenly day!" said a bustling woman Ruthie knew at once must be Aunt Millie. "Charles Jackson Kittredge, is that you?"
  2. Charlie is mentioned to be sixteen years during the events of Meet Kit.