Changes for Rebecca is the sixth book in Rebecca's series.


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Chapter-by-Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Movie Acting

Chapter Two: Inside the Factory

Chapter Three: City Tree House

Chapter Four: A Losing Battle

Chapter Five: Changes in the Air

Looking Back: Changes for America in 1914

Discusses the labor movement of the 1910s. Topics includes:

  • The treatment of immigrant workers in factories, who were very grateful to find jobs in America.
  • Why many factory workers resorted to striking, including the fact that they were hoping to get their jobs back after the strike was over.
  • The mistreatment of teenage girls and women in factories, which lead many of them, including Bessie Abramowitz, to fight for newer changes.
  • How Clara Lemlich's 1909-1910 strike, which involved 10,000 women and girls, led to their winning higher wages and shorter hours.
  • How the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911 helped in improving working conditions for factory workers, and how long it would take until all Americans have today's labor standard.


  • Changes for Rebecca is the second Historical Character book that addresses labor issues in the early 20th century, after Samantha Learns a Lesson.

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  1. The story ends on Labor Day. Labor Day in 1915 was September 6th.
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