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Changes for Addy is the sixth book in the Addy series.


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Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Pieces of a Puzzle

It is a wet day in early December. Addy and Sarah rush into Mrs. Ford's dress shop and slam the door behind them. Mrs. Ford ignores their apology and tells them to come to the stove to dry off. Addy's mother looks up from where she is perched behind her sewing machine. She points out that they are late coming home from school. Addy explains that the two of them stopped by the Quaker meeting house to ask Mr. Cooper if he has any news about their family, but he did not. Momma says that they'll just have to hope that he has good news tomorrow but Addy thinks that he probably won't.

The war ended in April and they were reunited with Poppa and Sam but hadn't found Esther, Auntie Lula and Uncle Solomon yet. Addy's father went back to Master Steven's plantation to find Lula, Solomon and Esther but they left and nobody knew where they went. He searched several freedmans camps in the area but returned home alone after a month. Addy helped write letters to aid societies and freedman's camps, but no one answers.

Addy's mother tells Addy that she knows that Addy is discouraged but they cannot stop hoping and working hard. Mrs. Ford agrees with Momma and points out that they would make twice as many dresses with the new sewing machine than they did by hand. Sarah says that her and Addy will have twice as many dresses to deliver than and Addy adds that this will mean twice as much tip money. The Walkers are saving money for Addy's father to continue searching for their family.

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Mrs. Ford tells the girls that there is plenty to do for them today, in addition to the deliveries they would also have to go to the dry goods store and pick up two dresses for alterations. Addy quickly puts her mittens and hat on, but Sarah isn't ready. She politely asks Mrs. Ford for some extra paper for her boots. Mrs. Ford says that what Sarah really needs is a new pair of boots. Sarah agrees but her family cannot afford new boots for her.

Chapter Two: A Missing Piece

Chapter Three: The Last Piece

Chapter Four: Together

Looking Back: Changes for America

Discusses the changes brought to African Americans after the end of the Civil War. Topics covered:

  • The years following the end of the Civil War known as Reconstruction to help with reconstructing the South.
  • Congress amending the Constitution to ensure new rights and official citizenship for all African Americans.
  • The F, who would set up schools in the South for former slaves and created colleges for Black students.
  • Passing of Black Codes in the South by Whites who wanted to keep Black people in an inferior position.
  • Sharecroppers being people who raised crops for someone else in exchange to sell part of the crop for money.
  • Northern Blacks subjected to segregation and lack of education and good jobs, despite not receiving as much violence than in the South.
  • Ida B. Wells, who wrote newspaper articles about violence against Black people in the South during the late 1800s and early 1900s.
  • African Americans who fought for freedoms through their churches and organizations, such as the NAACP.
  • How Daniel Hale Williams, Langston Hughes, Marian Anderson and Jackie Robinson each used their talents to break prejudice barriers.
  • Homer Plessy, whose decision to sit in a railroad car reserved for White people led to a law which made unequal segregated facilities illegal.
  • Thurgood Marshall, a lawyer who won a case which helped with the desegregation of all public places and schools.
  • The protesting that happened during the Civil Rights Movement, and the movement's continuation into future times.

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