The Casually Cozy Outfit as seen on Ashlyn.

The Casually Cozy Outfit is a WellieWishers outfit released in 2017. It is associated with the story The Mystery of Mr. E. Retail cost is $28.


Long sleeve purple cable knit dress. White faux fur collar. Two patches on skirt are shaped like mittens. Patches are white faux fur and have green bows on the ends.


Knit leggings with elastic at waist. Pattern includes magenta, coral, light purple, and green stripes. Some magenta stripes have light purple hearts in them.


Coral vinyl boots with coral plastic soles. White faux fur trim at top. Outer sides of boots have "W" logo on them.


Coral cable knit hat. A braided light purple yarn tie covers the front border of the cap and hangs below ears. Light green pom pom on top of hat. Heart-shaped green fleece patches cover ears.

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