The Casual and Cool Outfit as seen on Just Like You 76.

The Casual and Cool Outfit[1] is the current meet outfit for the Truly Me Boy Dolls. It was released in 2020, replaced the Truly Me Boy's Outfit, and is the male complement to the Sparkle and Shine Outfit.


Currently this outfit is not available as a separate purchase.


Grey raglan-sleeved long sleeved polo. Blue sleeves, collar, and placket. Two white buttons under collar. Blue AG in lined capital letters on top left chest.


Dark blue denim pants. Tacked cuffs.


Blue slip on plastic shoes. White soles.


Grey boxer briefs.


Friends: Making Them and Keeping Them book.




The accessories are available for purchase separately for $30 or bundled with the doll for a discounted price.


Grey cargo vest. Two faux pocket flaps on either side of chest. White faux fur collar, and a dark grey zipper.


Plaid checkered backpack. Plaid of red, blue, white, gray, and tartan. Grey functional zipper runs along the top. Two grey straps. American Girl logo star in circle with "American Girl Est.[2] 1986" in lower right corner.


Faux smart watch. Black plastic watch band. Grey plastic "screen" with black app screen decal: decal shows the following:

  • signal, battery strength, time of 1:45
  • chat app, music app, American Girl app
  • weather app, time/clock app, favorites (heart) app
  • Call app, home screen swipes, home logo

Water Bottle

Grey plastic shark-printed water bottle. Blue bottle cap.


Black plastic smartphone. Clear plastic screen, the other to hold the paper screens in place.

Smartphone Screens

Two double sided app screens.

Phone Case

Orange rubber phone case with band for holding on back.


Five US$ bills.


  1. This outfit was not given an official name; its name on this wiki is derived from the matching accessories, as listed here.
  2. Established.
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