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Caroline's Party Set

Caroline's Party Set was introduced to Caroline's Collection in 2012 and retired in 2015 with Caroline's archival. Retail cost was $68.


Brown applesauce cake with faux yellow and white apple slices molded on top. It is separated into one cake half and two cake quarters. Sides of cake and inside are textured brown plastic with light yellow accents. All slices have hard, smooth brown plastic on the bottom. Cake is darker brown on top and the apple slices are roughly in a circular star or flower shape.


White ceramic pitcher with handle and pouring spout. Ship is painted on both sides. Ship has gray and black sails, light brown and light green wood, and several flags. Flags are shades of red, white, and blue. American flag in red, white, and blue is on ship as well. Sea below ship has shades of light green, gray, and black.


Bouquet of white daisies and purple flowers. Flower stems combine into one covered green stem for holding the flowers or placing them in the pitcher. Large green leaves. Daisies have yellow centers. Purple flowers fade from dark purple to light purple. Flower bouquet is tied with a white bow.


Two square napkins with lace trim on opposite ends.


Three metal plates with molded edges.


Two metal forks. Forks have three tines.


Two metal knives. Knives have decorative ridge at top of handle.


Two metal cups. Cups have handles and molded edges around base and center.