The Camille Doll.

The Camille doll was released in 2016.

Camille Doll

  • Skin: Light
There is a single freckle under the left eye.
  • Hair: Blonde, right side part, shoulder "bob" length
  • Eyes: Blue

Meet Outfit


The Camille doll.


Blue knit cap-sleeved top. In diagonal lines from top right to bottom left are three rows of green glittered runched tulle sewn with green thread. WellieWishers logo tag on left side seam. Velcros up the back.


Tulle and knit handkerchief hemmed skirt. Overskirt is of green glittered tulle; underskirt has blended lines of lime, aqua, light aqua, and blue. Both have square hems that drape into handkerchief hems cross aligned to each other (the underskirt is overlock hemmed.) Aqua glittery stretch elastic waistband with front bow made of underskirt fabric.

Hair Clip

Coral colored starfish hair clip.


Pink knit panties. Plain edge on legs. White elastic waistband.


Aqua "fish" styled "wellies" (boots). Green faces with white eyes (black notched pupils) and black mouths; at ankles are attached coral "fins". Lined with white netting for stain prevention. Slit open on the back for ease of removal/wear; no closure.

Dress Like Your Doll

The matching children's outfit was available. The shirt and skirt retired in 2019.

  • Shirt: $26
  • Skirt: $28
  • Socks: $20[1]
  • Wellies: $26


  • Prerelease/prototype images show the following original designs:
  • Camille's starfish clip was originally blue.
  • Camille's skirt originally didn't have a tulle overskirt.
  • Camille's hair clip and its small size make her labeled as unsuitable for children under three years of age.


  1. The socks are part of a set and unavailable as a separate purchase.
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