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Camille's Mermaid Tale is a book written for the WellieWishers line, mostly focused on Camille.



Chapter One: Oodles of Fun[]

The girls are happy; it is the last day of school, and summer vacation is starting full of sunny days. Ashlyn asks if they're glad it's summer, and Emerson says yes, it's wonderful. The girls gather under a tree, and Kendall says that summer days are nice and long, stretching her arms apart, and Camille says they can be in the garden all day long. Willa says there'll be tons of fun things to do. Ashlyn says they'll have oodles of things to do if they use their noodles. Camille laughs and balances a soccer ball on her head ("noodle") and makes up a song to the tune of "Yankee Doodle":

In the summer
In our garden
If we use our noodles
We'll think up great things to do
and we'll have fun--just oodles!'

The other girls laugh at the song, then Kendall gets out her notebook and pencil, saying that they should each say their ideas--use their "noodles"--and she'll write the ideas down. Ashlyn goes first, saying that a hot and rainy day, it'd be fun to have a picnic in their swimsuits. Camille adds that they can wade in mud puddles and eat watermelon. Emerson suggests an acrobat show, where she can perform cartwheels and flips and maybe a split; she does a cartwheel. Camille follows up by saying she can balance a ball on her nose like a sea lion; she does so, clapping her hands like flippers and barking like a sea lion.

Willa suggests they sleep under the stars and count fireflies, and Camille says they can tell stories about fairies, magic, and talking animals before they fall asleep; the other girls agree. Kendall suggests building a boat and pretending to be explorers. Camille suggests they could be sailors, and salutes. Kendall draws a boat in the dirt and says they can decorate the boat with dots and rainbows and doodles. Camille grins and sings a second verse:

Acrobats and rainy picnics,
Boats with lots of doodles,
Starry skies and fireflies,
We really used our noodles!'

The girls then dance around, singing a silly song of rhymes, before departing--saying their "toodle-oodles."

Chapter Two: Come On In, Camille![]

Chapter Three: Something Fishy[]

Camille is surprised that Emerson isn't suggesting improvements to Willa's incomplete song--and suspicious that Willa wants to be alone on the stage singing and dancing, as she refused to do a solo during their fall show.[1] She thinks her friends aren't acting like themselves at all.

Chapter Four: Half In, Half Out[]

Chapter Five: Tales and Tails[]

For Parents[]

Discusses the power of storytelling for children. Topics include:

  • How children are natural storytellers and the use in them and imagination
  • How story telling can help with things such as missing others, problem solving, and handling not easily-granted wishes
  • Crafting a storybook
  • Telling a story with art such as drawn pictures and photographs, including making a heart-shaped collage

Collection Items Shown[]


  • This book can be paired with Camille in a bundle.


  1. This happened in The Muddily-Puddily Show, confirming that this book happened afterwards.