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Camille is one of the five main characters in the WellieWishers line.

Personality, Description, and Facts

Camille is an elementary aged white girl with shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, and light skin; she also has a mole or freckle (beauty spot) under her left eye. Camille is the most caring and affectionate of the girls, being a good listener and friend.

With a heartfelt love for the ocean, Camille is happiest when around water. She genuinely admires anything to do with the sea, from mermaids to marine animals. [1]

Camille's signature colors are ocean blue and aquamarine. She has an aquatic-themed outfit including a blue tee with a green sheer ribbon, a handkerchief-hem cool-toned tulle skirt, and wellies designed like fish with little fins on the sides. She also has a starfish hair clip.

Camille has a huge imagination. Her favorite pastime is imagining her life as a mermaid. She can sometimes get carried away with her imaginary games and ideas. She is very good at keeping secrets.

Camille likes dressing up in costumes. She has trouble memorizing poems.

Camille has a mother, older sister, older brother[2] and grandmother, who are all unnamed. Camille's family used to live near the ocean with her grandmother before they moved. Her and her sister take ballet classes.[3] She's scared of snakes.[2]Her favorite color is blue.


While Camille is in all the books, she is the focus of Camille's Mermaid Tale.

Other Media


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  • Camille believes in all mythical creatures, including mermaids and fairies. This leads her to get teased by Emerson in the episode, "Anything For A Laugh."
  • As revealed in the episode "Copy Cat," her favorite animal is a fish.

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