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The Cami and Brief Set.

The Cami and Brief Set is an American Girl of Today clothing set released in 2002 and retired in 2009. Retail cost was $16.


Three pastel camisoles with scalloped trim at straps and around curving neckline and armholes. Each camisole has a tiny embroidered flower below trim at center front neckline. Colors are; lavender with sea green trim and tall pink flower on sea green stem, pink with lavender trim and round lavender flower, and sea green with pink trim and pink horizontal flowering vine.


Three pairs of briefs (panties). Each pair has scalloped trim around leg holes and plain trim around waist. Colors are; lavender with sea green trim, pink with lavender trim, and sea green with pink trim.

Dress Like Your Doll[]

The matching camis and briefs were available; a white cami and brief set was offered instead of the pink set:

  • Cami set: $24
  • Brief set: $18

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